Definition of ‘Merger’

What is the meaning of ‘Merger’? You might have heard this word associated with companies. It’s like saying Company A and Company B decides to merge. The merger happens between 2 or more companies in the same area of interest for example: energy suppliers or big super markets or big IT companies etc etc.

But why do companies need Merger? Is there any specific need for merger?

Well, it’s simple. Companies merge together so that they can have monopoly on resources and dictate terms to the rest of the people. They will induce price rise or make redundancies or pay less or whatever they feel or want they will implement because there is NO one to stop them unfortunately.

Hare Krishna







These are BIG BIG jargons that BIG BIG companies uses inorder to satisfy their greed or to be in news. Glorifying themselves that’s it…

Hare Krishna


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