Centrica plc – Which news is correct?

I have attached screenshots of the information in a Word file, because the information is getting changed on the web site. Just now I saw that Financial Times (www.ft.com) removed the crucial information which I now got it from the theguardian.com newspaper online.
Centrica plc (British Gas) looses 400,000 customers in the middle of the year 2016… Kindly read this…
As per Yahoo finance, British Gas share prices up despite loss of 400,000 customers. Please check this out…
British Gas (Centrica plc) share price up since mid 2016 and that too with a loss of 400,000 customers?
If BG has lost so many customers from mid 2016, how come the share price has risen from mid 2016? Something NOT CORRECT here…
If BG has lost 400,000 customers from mid 2016 then the BG share price should drop considerably but that has not happened.
Which statement is TRUE or CORRECT?
Loss of customers?
Higher Share prices?
Both can’t be true…???
British Gas (Centrica Plc) is in massive DEBT, and it is coming for a closure download the World document which contains information about BG. BG_Download_WordDocument_Proof
Hare Krishna

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