Good economic laws in a country

Good economic laws in a country.

1. Never allow a company to be in monopoly for a particular service. So for example if we have a mobile phones company named ‘A’ in England and no other mobile company in England, then it maybe possible that company ‘A’ can do the following:

a. Charge higher Pay As You Go charges.

b. Charge more money for less talktime minutes.

c. Sell mobile phones at very high price.

d. Give less PAY and more work to workers.In such a situation workers cannot leave the job as their is no other alternative?

e. Even if the workers go to the Trade Union, Trade Unions cannot bargain with the company because what to bargain for? If Trade Unions put a request say to increase the PAY and the company ‘A’ who is the only company providing services says NO. Then? If Trade Union say we will go on strike? Not many people can go on strike because every person has a BIG mortgage, living expenses, children expenses, Car expenses, 2 holidays per year? Who will fund all these?

e. England Government will loose bargaining power with company ‘A’ because company ‘A’ will dictate terms.

Therefore in England The Government has never allowed monopoly of any company in any area whether its Service or Manufacturing. This is very very GOOD from England Government protecting the interests of British citizens and also allowing Trade Unions to bargain on behalf of the workers.

2. Any company in England cannot dismiss or make any employee redundant just because the Company wants it. NO. Not at all. The company needs to provide a valid and bonafide reason in terminating the employment. Like if the employee has committed breach of duty etc etc. If the employee feels he/she is the victim of unnecessary termination then he/ she may lodge a complaint to the Trade Union or go to the public help available from England Government. To terminate an employee services is not permitted unless the Company gives a very strong reason.

3. If a particular employee is not happy with a company, one can become Self Employed and start offering services at his/her terms. There are massive number of people in England who are Self Employed and are enjoying their lives. You can advertise your services on social media like Face Book who offers a very very small amount to pay and target your audience where you want to. There are other web portals such as Indeed or People Per Hour and many others. You will get work and money both. You can choose when you want to work, it’s complete peace of mind.

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