Believe in God

In Bhagavad Geeta Lord Krishna says that everyday one should read a chapter from the holy Bhagavad Geeta or at least one Shloka. This will purify oneself and you can be with Krishna. One should also chant the Hare Krishna mahamantra. It is recommended to chant at least 16 rounds of Tulasi beads everyday so that you are always in Bliss.

Krishna also says that one should also worship Lord Shiva and go to Rameshwar, India (

You should chant Mahamritunjya and Om Namah Shivaya mantra daily.

Always remember there is GOD and one should always pray as much as you can and be in Bliss.

God gives you strength, intelligence and shows you the correct path.

So start your day by praying to GOD and end it by praying to GOD.

GOD is kind, merciful, helpful and above all loveable.

Hare Krishna


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