Driving in London

Have you ever driven to London my friends? If not have a try, over the weekend to drive up to Old Street. The distance to drive is about 43 miles and it should take around 45 mins to reach there but it took us around 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach. Traffic was absolutely rubbish. So much traffic that it was a nightmare to drive and that too on a weekend, oh God give me a break.

I was driving the car and there were 3 ladies sitting in my car. You just can’t stop anywhere in case they need to use the facilities, even if I did stop where are the facilities? Show me on M4? Show me in London? In London they charge £1 for a chance to relieve yourself. Now to discharge we have to pay money? And that too you need to have coins? We all have credit/debit cards so if you don’t have coins, will you do in public? What about if there is an old lady? Absolutely pathetic. In India 🇮🇳 you have freedom to discharge anywhere. I myself have seen and used it. No money to pay at all and even if you have to pay, you pay after using the facilities and even after using you don’t have money, they don’t hold you responsible for it. Such is the freedom in country India 🇮🇳. If you go to 🇮🇳 you will only enjoy 😊

Anyway we were using the Satellite Navigation as it was our first time but even the Satellite Navigation failed to find our place and while we were waiting on red lights or in traffic, I actually saw the true London which is not only congested but it felt like as if you are trapped, suffocating and absolutely rubbish in terms of buildings and architecture. Many grounds were dig open and the traffic was horrendous.

When we learn to drive in England the first thing we are explained is drive within limits and never undercut. Undercut means don’t overtake from left hand lane. I have learnt my driving in England from an English lady named Jodie. She spotted that I was a good driver and in about 5-7 classes I started to drive. She taught me so well that I cleared my exam with ease in the 3rd attempt because in the first 2 I was very nervous to give exams and failed. It was then my wife who gave me confidence to attempt again and kept giving me confidence every time till I cleared the exam.

So, you all can understand, today when I was driving there were so many people undercutting me or pressing horns when I was driving in speed limits. Not giving me space. Guess who were those culprits? They were driving at 70 speed limit on a 40 speed limit zone. Even they were jumping the red lights. I and all the ladies in my car saw a Red Double Decker bus 🚌 jumped the Red light. The light was clearly Red but the driver didn’t stop and jumped out.

To find parking in London is extremely difficult rather you can’t find one. If you do so it’s very very expensive and people have parked either illegally or the car parked in the bay was not correct, not allowing others to park. I thought these people living in London are highly educated with manners to park and guess who is living in London? Not Asians or foreigners because to live in London is very very expensive.

And I saw a mad queue at Madam Tussauds. What is the fun seeing a statue that too of Wax? If you want to see or meet people, do in real. Khee khee khee. Stupid fools.

The roads in London are very very small width wise. We just couldn’t figure out, whether it’s a road to turn in or an ally way? Hahaha… The roads were so small, smaller then you will find in Lucknow or Chandni Chowk in Delhi. Go and see it for yourselves. Hahaha.

Phone doesn’t work when you are in London Underground, you are trapped…no communication at all. Absolutely pathetic. I saw few people working to lay some wires. The whole area is so open, bad smell coming.

London has his name big as in London, but it’s disgusting otherwise. I think Lucknow or Delhi are much better.

A one bedroom flat in London costs £1500 per month around 1,20,000 Indian rupees and that too its sooo bloody small. Plus water, electricity and council tax. Total I think is £1600 per month. On top of it the expense of World Class London Underground tubes.

The shops in London are too small. Everything is very very expensive out in London.

London sucks. There is no life. People get too tired after work and they no life. Absolutely mechanical.

So my friends, think will you live in LONDON? it’s just the hype created by people living in London (who are non Asians and foreigners), that London is good etc etc…

Think which is a place you will love to live in, if not London? Scotland is beautiful. It’s naturally gifted with beautiful highlands and people there are extremely polite and humble. They welcome foreigners and live with dignity. Scottish people I have met are extremely intelligent and witty. They are very open people. I have lived in Glasgow many times and I loved it. Right from the bus driver to a hotel or restaurant, people are so warm hearted and helpful. Scott’s are fun loving people.

Hare Krishna


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