Great British Rail Service

“The Great British Rail”, unbelievably giving crap service since last 15 years. The ticket prices have risen sharply. Trains are never on time. For example: if you want to go from Reading to Paddington via train on a week day for work, it will cost you a fortune. I think around £45 every day. Even if you buy a season ticket it’s very very costly. You never get a seat to sit down despite paying so much money. You are always late for work and coming back to home is a nightmare.

The worse is the British underground service which we call London Underground tube. Absolutely jam packed, very expensive, never on time and always broken down. In summer time when the tube breaks down its horrible and you are suffocating. Yuck… who wants that nuisance… plus to change tube station one has to walk and the stairs are so high up and long that it takes very long time. If the automatic escalator is broken which it is many a times, you have to walk upstairs like you are in a marathon. Absolutely Pathetic service…

I have heard and seen people getting exhausted before they start work.

On weekends there are very very less trains and tubes. Many people find it disgusting to travel by trains because of the inconvenience.

No one is looking for the above problems. Absolutely pathetic…

I prefer to go by car, less expensive plus you have complete control when to go and come back.

Hare Krishna


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