Myth about Insurance in England

Have you ever wondered how much are you paying in terms of your Life Insurance in England? On an average everyone is paying around £700 per annum per person. This does not include critical cover and anything else.

In England, the normal age a person lives is around 67 years. Therefore, if you have taken a Life Insurance for husband and wife both, it would have costed you around £42,000 when you are the age of 67. After this age the insurance premium goes too high.

How many people in England die before the age of 67? Not many.

Similarly, car insurance, how many times have you hit another car? On an average a person pays around £15,000 to £20,000 in his/her lifetime.

Insurance is a massive business in England.Every year the prices are up and the poor citizens of England don’t even have £5000 per annum savings. Majority of people in England are in big Debt.

Hare Krishna



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