Scotland to join hands with EU

Scotland is due to join hands with the EU as Nicola’s SNP and Scotland people have voted REMAIN. Scotland is correct because if Scotland becomes independent and is in EU, the amount of business Scotland will get from EU will be enormous. Already the smaller companies of Scotland are making such a huge difference to Scotland economy since the year 2010. Another benefit for Scotland would be that countries like China,India and USA will give excellent low rates for products to Scotland and in turn Scotland will provide these 3 giant countries an entry to the EU.

So it could be possible that after all Scotland becomes the major economy in Europe post BREXIT. Another thing that will go in favour of Scotland would be independence of Wales.

Welsh people are very intelligent in terms of investments. So as many people are saying that Wales will opt out of UK and will potentially join Scotland.

Ireland and Scotland have been friends since centuries. People of both countries share warm relations with each other. Therefore, Ireland may also join Scotland. Therefore, Scotland will surely be the leader as far as EU is concerned.

Therefore Scotland will do business deals on behalf of EU which will now include Wales and Ireland as well. Therefore, the whole EU Germany, France, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and rest of the EU will get massive low priced deals from big giants India, China, USA and not to forget upcoming countries like Nigeria, West Indies and others.

Hare Krishna


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