TRUTH about Britain

Have you ever have a pet? As you know we have Bella now and we love Bella very much. Couple of days back Bella was diagnosed with Conjunctivitis in left eye. I rushed to the Vet and all was taken care but the charges were over the roof. It took I think 10-15 minutes plus a tiny drop of liquid and a very small tube, less than the size of your little finger. I was charged around £40. When I enquired I was given a break up, £15-20 consulting charges and rest for tiny tube. So it was bloody £20 for the small tube. Plus every month we pay £23-25 as standard insurance charges. I think we have got a small mortgage, rather a beautiful kitten.

In India 🇮🇳, there are no charges or very very little charges of the Vet. Plus service is excellent. Also, model in India 🇮🇳 is extremely good, meaning if you are poor, there are pocket size GP’s who charge not more than 0.50 pence per visit including medicine.
If you are wealthy, you have big clinics or hospitals. Every Indian is taken care of in 🇮🇳.
Anyway, the Vet who charged me £40 for Bella called me to explain things and gave me the following URL.

The above organisations in England are established for absolutely poor people in England. I am not poor but I am not rich either. In order to get the facilities from the above 2 links I have to be on Government benefits which I cannot.

Also, you know people here in England show some dodgy documents and get free money and accommodation, I was told this by some people here. They get benefits around £650 – £700 per month, absolutely free plus they then go and do cash jobs. These people are not Asians or foreigners but local people. So it’s like Britain imports people from outside and the foreigners here work like donkey and from their pay these local people are living and enjoying life. I have a 3 bed property that I rented out to the local person(not Asians, not foreigners) who got about £800 per month as rent from council plus childcare, all free from council. Who is paying all this? Tell me, who? Innocent foreigners coming to England for work don’t know the TRUTH about Britain.
Also, foreigners are treated very badly in Britain.

One day a British Gas engineer came to my house to fix a ceiling light. We never touched that light at all. The British guy saw that the wires are coming out and stated shouting at my sister for no reason. I came and asked why are you shouting at my sister? He started blaming that you have fiddled with light. I said NO, I didn’t but he started bullying me. I got really furious and gave him back. He became silent and then apologised to me. I said NO, you should apologise to my sister. He did apologised many times to my sister. Pathetic service…

Long time ago, my mother was diagnosed with Hernia and she had to be operated. I rushed her to the hospital.The charges were quite high and I didn’t had any money in my pocket. I spoke to the doctor stating that I am going to bring the money. He said forget it. As per the rule he is supposed to have the money first but he didn’t care. The operation was done successfully and then I asked how much I pay? He gave me a BIG discount because at that time I was very very poor.

Last year I was in India 🇮🇳 and while travelling outside, somehow I got something in my eye. I struggled a lot, washed my eyes etc. but all in vain. I then went to a doctor nearby whose clinic was as small as a size of single garage in England. I told him my eye problem. He just did something in my eye with his hands and whatever it was came out. It just took him 10 seconds to make me relieved from the unbearable pain in the eye. I asked how much to pay? He said nothing. I was surprised. Such is the honesty of doctors in India 🇮🇳.

These are the real truths of country India 🇮🇳. British media will never ever tell all these beautiful stories about 🇮🇳. Everything works really well in India.

So 1.2 billion people living in 🇮🇳 your decision is right that you have chosen India 🇮🇳 to live in where there are very very less problems. People who have migrated to England are suffering and actually working for others. People in England pay 40% tax on their incomes. You don’t have savings in England and money doesn’t grow at all unlike in 🇮🇳.

Hare Krishna/ Jai Bholenaath


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