Want to learn a beautiful dance form? ‘Kathak’ by Anuradha Chaturvedi

Anuradha is an exponent of Lucknow Gharana of Kathak. Anuradha combines the graceful, sensitive movements and agile footwork to produce flawless performance. Deeply inspired by the cultural ethos of Awadh (present day Lucknow, India) she has tried to maintain a balance between the traditional and the modern in her performances. She firmly believes that “dance is an art of creating live statues” and thus her dance is a striking blend of symmetrical bodyline and controlled movements without compromising the inherent swiftness of the dance form. Anuradha has been training under the guidance of guru pandit Arjun Mishra in Lucknow, one of the prominent torchbearers of Lucknow Gharana and the disciple of Kathak Maestro Birju Maharaj.

Her ability to render the Abhinaya paksha of dance with sensitivity and delicate intensity speaks of her deep understanding of Indian Classical music and its intricacies acquired under the guidance of Ustad Gulshan Bharati, an exponent of Senia Gharana of vocal music.

Anuradha is a recipient of Sringar Mani, title awarded by Sur Sringar Samsad, a prominent arts and cultural organization based in Mumbai, India.



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