Lift Off 2017 at South Hill Park, Bracknell

A spectacular festival where more than 20 dance groups participated. The organisers did a wonderful job in hosting this event as it had been since the year 2000. The staff members were very gentle and polite. It was a bright and sunny day and the dance groups kept entertaining, to the almost packed audience. The stage was well designed and the lights were so very beautiful.

The Festival started with a very warm speech by the Producer of the event followed by sequence of 5 minute dance by various groups.

To me in the first half I thought Belly dancing, Kathak and football playing girls were very nice to see.

In the second half, the beautiful Balle  and sexy Spanish Salsa  were good to watch.

As I have always said Arts=Divine. Therefore, the more spiritual element gets embedded in any art form, better it’s beauty. When dancing a dancer should make a connection with THAT and fully immersed in it. Yesterday, I saw lot of contemporary dances which had so many dancers and loads of movements which were good but lacked that what I explained above. So it was very painful to sit and actually watch them. I felt the contemporary dance groups were way off target as in dance. These contemporary groups need to listen to Bansuri/Flute to hear the beautification of the sound and then come up with a theme but it should be in rhythm. The music should be catchy and the outfit should be colourful using the beautiful lights. Try to use more musical instruments in the creation. Learn from Indian Classical Dances which will give you a start of what I am talking about. You just can’t beat Indian Classical dance or music which is so  very much in depth and I can feel the connection immediately. Couple of days back  I was at Hare Krishna in Reading and I saw a beautiful dance form called Kucchipudi which I thought was very very beautiful.

Anyway, Belly dancing was beautifully presented and I thought Balle was outstanding. Sexy Salsa added more variety to the show but the pick of the performance was Anuradha led ‘Euphoria’. But why this? Because of the simple reason that Anuradha kept everything as simple as possible yet powerful in adaptation. It was like ‘Love at First sight’. All younger dancers have really improved and the pick was ‘Abha Sharma’. Wow, it was a treat to watch her. The choreography of Anuradha had versatility and beautiful placements. Music, lights and costumes were simply beautiful which made dance even more beautiful. Well done girls.

Hare Krishna


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