Spirituality and ISKON

This word Spirituality is buzzing  a lot these days. You cannot drink a glass of spirituality given by someone? Can you? No. This problem is there in West a lot. People from West travel and live in India a lot and when they come back they say they have become spiritual. No. One can read all books from India like Vedas etc but  still the person may not become spiritual. It happens when it has to happen. Western people will take that extra long to become spiritual. It’s not like going to Mandir etc.., you have to be pure then only you get it. When someone says I am Spiritual or I am Satguru or I am in touch with Divine, but when I meet these people or listen I can make out what is the reality.

Therefore, become pure. 100% pure. That doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work for it.

Reading Vedas or Bhagavad Geeta is a start but you need to implement it in its purest form then I would say you are progressing. Many people take so many births to be 100% spiritual. So you may start now for it to ripe will take sometime.

I also feel ISKON- started by Prabhupada is loosing its direction. Problem I see here is that White people in the West are trying to preach or teach Krishna’s teaching. Yes, these people are teaching but I don’t get the gist. I am not criticising white people but they have to learn a lot more before they get the true essence of Hindu scriptures. If ISKON has to move in the right direction and fulfilling Prabhupada’s vision, I strongly recommend to search out pure Hindu Brahmins in India. South India has so many scholarly Brahmins who knows the gist of Vedas, Bhagavad Geeta and many others. Even I would say search for Brahmins all over India and bring them to West and honour them to become preachers and teachers of Hindu text. This is because they know the substance of the literature and will educate others. I am loosing my interest in ISKON. I want to listen the authenticity of Hindu scriptures not the one which is being studied from Western lense. Yes, I am blunt here because the correct message should go to others. Therefore, efforts should be made to search all these learned scholars from India and make them leaders of ISKON then I would come to listen to these great scholars.

Hare Krishna




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